Christmas gifts to get your girlfriend

Hey there I’m impersonating Cupid today. I’m an advocate for love and all things cuddly.


I was out looking for gifts for Christmas and I figured I’d come up with a list of my own for the top Christmas gifts to get your girlfriend. I have been gift shopping for quite awhile and I have come across a few cool websites that have impressive best Christmas gifts for her suggestions. But, I wanted to personalize it so here is my very own list.

Gift 1

Is your girlfriend a movie buff? Does she love a good sentimental romantic chick flick? If she does you have got to get her a pair of tickets to the latest Christmas blockbuster movie. But, the trick here is to go the extra mile. Surprise her, take her to dinner, get her a heart shape box of chocolates and then enjoy a movie together.

Gift 2

A charm bracelet is a perfect gift for a girlfriend who is in her twenties. Unlike mood rings, it’s still socially acceptable and it can be customized. The best part is that for every anniversary after that all you need to do is get her a charm pendant until the bracelet runs out of space. Then you’ll have to come up with a better gift.

Gift 3

Christmas is the time to cuddle up and get closer to each other. I think the best gift you can probably get your girlfriend is a collage, a photo frame or a photo album. I have never ever come across a girl who doesn’t love the extra attention. If your girlfriend loves taking pictures of herself or the both of you, it’ll be pretty easy to find what you need to make this Christmas a memorable one.

Do you have any better gift ideas ? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below. And, Merry Christmas to all of you.

Cupid’s Advice For Valentine’s Day Gifts

tumblr_marr80bzb01regj70o1_500Life is simple unless you’re in love. If Cupid managed to get you good, you’d be in a whole lot of trouble. Suddenly you realize all the things you’ve been missing. You feel the Sun shines brighter and life is a whole lot more meaningful because you have the right person to share it with.

Why don’t you try and make your other half smile on Valentine’s Day. Find a memento for all your experiences together. Whether it has been a year or a month, show your lover how much you care and adore her. Sure taking her for a fancy dinner may appear to be sweet but the best thing you can possibly do is to get her a really thoughtful gift for Valentine’s Day.

I’d suggest you go with a classic this valentine’s day. Write her a poem, serenade her with a song, or just take her dancing in the rain. It’s the simple things in life that gives you the best memories. But, if being a classic Gentleman isn’t for you, just buy her a gift.

This is the tricky part. The gift you buy has to be meaningful and has to appear to have enough effort put into it that it becomes a relic she’ll adore for years to come. Don’t get her something trivial like a box of mascara that will be used up before you know it.

The rule of thumb for this Valentines is that practical gifts are pointless gifts! Get her a bracelet or a necklace or a handbag for crying out loud. Don’t get someone a practical gift … EVER. It defeats the concept of gifts. Everyone can purchase practical necessities on their own so don’t try and do it for them.

This best gift ideas website has the right gifts for anyone this Valentine’s Day. So look through these guides and pick out what’s right for your special someone.